GRANADA la Pintura Anticada is a paint that unifies colours, contrast and streaks that appear in numerous shades.Thousands of tiny drops of paint that break with the passing of the trowel over the surface and that due to a particular magnetism, become a blend of colours with an antique effect. Thanks to its formulation and to the special pigments used, it is possible to admire the huge number of colours that are able to bring new sensations to the wall. The colours of GRANADA create a balance between the antique decorations of luxurious villas and noble palaces and the needs of the houses of the 21st century. GRANADA la Pintura Anticada is washable, water repellent, scratch resistant and helps to prevent the formation of mould. It is easy to apply and allows application without leaving joints or imperfections. The product has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to humans and the environment.