MULTIDECOR by OIKOS offers the possibility to decorate in a classical style or according to the more modern, vivid interior decorations of today. A trowel, a cloth, a buffer pad, a spray gun, a brush, a roller, a marine sponge, the imagination of a designer and the versatility of this product allow the expert hand of the applicator to create a unique, personalised, decorative effect that can be adapted to suit the environment to be decorated. The composition of MULTIDECOR by OIKOS, based on acrylic resins in water dispersion and special metallic and pearly components make the highly flexible in terms of the variety of decorative effects that can be achieved. MULTIDECOR is available in three versions: E(gloss), E OPAC (mat) and ES (irridescent). The product is washable. It conforms to the norm D.I.N 53 778 S SM, has a low odour level, is non inflammable is friendly to both humans and the environment.