NEVADA la Pintura Dorada is a decorative paint that unifies colours, contrasts and golden shimmers and brings to the wall an enchanting appearance. Thousands of tiny drops of paint that are broken by the passing of a trowel and that due to a particular magnetism, become a blend of colours with a golden touch. Thanks to its formulation and the special pigments used, it is possible to admire the numerous shades of colour that are able to bring new sensations to walls, from a golden amber to beautiful golden shimmers that give precious reflections to an ambiance. NEVADA la Pintura Dorada is washable, waterproof, scratch proof and helps to prevent the formation of mould. It is particularly indicated for the decoration of surfaces in prestigious environments such as villas, palaces, offices, high class studios, apartments and elegant boutiques and shops. Easy to apply, NEVADA allows application without leaving joints or imperfections. The product has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly both to humans and the environment.